Actress Ellen Barkin attempted to talk pal Julianne Moore out of falling for her The Myth Of Fingerprints director, who is now her husband of almost nine years.
Barkin thought the "affair" with Bart Freundlich was a terrible idea and told Moore it wouldn't last.
The Kids Are All Right star says, "I was hugely embarrassed about it, so I tried to keep it a secret. Barkin knew. I was on the phone with her and I wouldn’t admit it, but she knew and she was going, 'Don’t do it'. But I always say, it all worked out. We stayed together, and we have these kids together."
She tells More magazine, "(Now, we're like) 'Wow, we did it!’ Marriage is commitment; it’s the ultimate challenge... Family is the ultimate narrative... It gives a story to your life in a remarkable way."