Ellen Barkin was stunned to find herself in Sam Levinson's directorial debut because his dad was behind the camera for her breakthrough movie.
Levinson wasn't even born when his father Barry directed Barkin in 1982 film Diner and he was stunned to discover the actress hadn't figured out who he was when they first started working together.
She tells WENN, "I was working with Sam for a week and a half on another project that he had rewritten and he was on this shoot to tweak dialogue and work with the actors because we had a non-director. I was sitting in my canvas chair in between scenes, in my bad villain girl costume and Sam was sitting next to me.
"I had spent every day with this man on the set as the director/writer even though he had nothing to do with directing camera because the movie sucks and my script is closed and I looked down and said, 'Wait. Levinson. Are you Barry's kid?' And he said, 'Didn't you know that?'. It was amazing."
Levinson adds, "I was actually minus three years old when my dad directed Diner... and I love her in Diner, but her body of work is just so diverse and she's such a phenomenal actor in so many ways that when I approached her with this script, the last thing I was thinking was, 'My father worked with her at some point'. It didn't hit me until a bit later into the process."
Barkin heads up the cast in Levinson's feature film debut Another Happy Day.