Just another ridiculous statement to come out of the Trump family; Ellen Degeneres is now being accused of being a part of a secret government conspiracy called the 'Deep State', just because she popped up on Eric Trump's Twitter suggestions. But the comedian is way too busy with her gay agenda and illuminati meetings.

Ellen DeGeneres at the 'Finding Dory' premiereEllen DeGeneres at the 'Finding Dory' premiere

When Ellen found that she was trending on Twitter yesterday (January 3rd 2018), she thought people were just raving about her new series 'Ellen's Game Of Games'. They were, of course, but they were also discussing Eric Trump's screenshot which featured Ellen, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as add suggestions.

'Shocking... once again, here are the Twitter "suggestions" of who I should follow. #DeepState', he wrote. Needless to say, Ellen was rather amused.

'I have some questions: First of all which one is Eric?' She asked her audience on the show. 'Did he kill the elephant or the cheetah? Which one?'

'Apparently, Eric Trump thinks that Twitter is trying to trick him into following liberals', she continued. 'Apparently I'm part of some secret government conspiracy called the Deep State. It's supposed to be a group of people they believe are trying to undermine Donald Trump. Which is ridiculous because no-one has undermined Donald Trump more than Donald Trump.'

She then joked that she has far too much going on in her life to have time for such a venture. 'Eric, I am honoured that you think that I'm powerful enough to be part of a government conspiracy. I am sorry to disappoint you, I am not part of the Deep State', she said. 'Even if somebody wanted me to be involved, I don't have that kind of time. I've got my gay agenda meetings on Mondays, on Wednesday Beyonce and I host an illuminati brunch and then Portia and I on the weekends are desperately trying to have a baby.'

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She went on to suggest, quite rationally, that perhaps she popped up as a suggestion because his sisters Ivanka and Tiffany both follow her on Twitter. She even suggested that he should follow her too just to see the kind of cute videos she posts on her feed - such as cats grooming dogs. That's the kind of conspiracy we want to be a part of.