Elsa Hosk says being sexy is a ''character'' she puts on.

The Victoria's Secret Angel is ''anti'' her sexy persona in real life because she doesn't see herself as being sexy at all.

She said: ''It's a character that I get into. And then, in my real life ... I become sort of anti-that. In my head, I'm so not sexy at all. I'm goofy and totally normal.

''I was on a plane the other day, and a guy leaned over to my seat, asking, 'Are you a Victoria's Secret Angel? Are you Elsa?' I was like, no, not now I'm not. When I'm all made up and in my lingerie, yes, I am, but not now.''

Elsa hates how models are ''constantly scrutinised'' for the way they look as it made her desperate to ''compare'' herself to others, something which she wishes she never did.

She said: ''As a model, you're constantly scrutinised for the way you look, and I always used to compare myself to other people. I would look at successful models and think: I need to look more like that. Now, I realise it isn't about trying to replicate someone else - it's about being who you are, and being comfortable in yourself.''

Elsa gets a string of comments under her photos on social media - both good and bad - but she tries not to read them because they're about ''this other persona'' and not her.

Speaking to NET-A-PORTER's digital magazine, PorterEdit, she shared: ''I remember posting a nude selfie, and I got so many texts from people who were like, 'What did you do? Are you sure about that?' And I was like, yeah, I don't really care that much. It's my body, it's my choice ... I try not to read [the comments], but it feels like it's not about me anyway. It's about this other persona.''