Elsa Hosk ''never'' thought she would be a Victoria's Secret Angel.

The 27-year-old supermodel - who gained her angel wings for the lingerie giant last year - has admitted working for the underwear brand has been a ''really surreal'' experience and she is still surprised she was selected to star in campaigns for the fashion house because she didn't think she would ever be cast for one single modelling job.

Speaking to Harpers Bazaar online about her career, the blonde beauty said: ''When I first started [modelling], I had no idea that I was even going to get one job.

''I never thought I would get to the point where I was walking Victoria's Secret fashion shows and being and Angel. It's all still really surreal to me. So it's such an amazing surprise for me in my career to be able to do this.''

And Elsa is not the only person who was shocked by the news she would be the face of the designer brand, and the catwalk icon has revealed her brother was taken aback when she told him she was joining the likes of Taylor Hill and Stella Maxwell to grace the runway for the company.

She explained: ''My brother is like, 'You are a Victoria's Secret Angel?' he cannot believe it. When I told him the first time he was like, 'You? On that catwalk?'

Meanwhile, the Swedish-born star has admitted modelling in Europe and America came as a shock to her after shooting commercials in Japan were wrapped up within seven hours.

Speaking about adapting to the long hours at work, she said: ''It was so different. I started in Sweden and the jobs just started coming in. I was sent to Japan for a month, and I was working like crazy in Japan, like three jobs a day. They do things very differently there, you have a job from five in the morning until 12PM, you have a lunch break and then you do another job. [The Jobs] are very short concentrated. So I came back from there thinking that was what modelling was, that you just work every day and have three jobs a day, But obviously, that's not the case in Europe and America.''