Elsa Hosk ''shares'' clothes with her boyfriend.

The 30-year-old model has been dating her long-term partner Tom Daly since 2015 and the catwalk star has revealed her distinct laid back style is influenced by her love of men's fashion because it's ''comfortable'' and she loves to wear her man's outfits.

She said: ''I share a lot of clothes with my boyfriend. I buy him a lot of vintage '50s Hawaiian shirts that I steal when we are on vacation. I also borrow his suits sometimes and he borrows all my super oversized Balenciaga stuff and cashmere Elder Statesman sweaters. Sometimes I get something for both of us in mind. I think rules in fashion are going away. Men and women can wear the same clothes - people are most beautiful and comfortable when they wear exactly what they want! It's so cool when women wear traditional men's clothes and vice versa!''

The Swedish beauty recently unveiled a new collaboration with denim label, J Brand, and the star created an 11-piece capsule collection which she had ''full creative control'' over.

She told Vogue Australia: ''I've had a long relationship with J Brand and I wanted to do a denim collection with them from day one. J Brand gave me full creative control which was so much fun for me.

''I was very quick in deciding what I wanted to do so I put together a presentation with sketches and inspiration pictures of around ten styles and they chose the ones that they liked the most. After that we made first samples and had many fittings to get the fit, wash and fabric as close as possible to our shared vision.''

And Elsa insisted she got inspiration for the collection from her own wardrobe and was influenced heavily by the 1980's.

She added: ''This collection is very me because some jeans are '80s inspired, some are very modern, one is a very straight '90s fit and the leather pant is super modern.''

The Victoria's Secret Angel - who was chosen to wear the brand's iconic Fantasy Bra in the 2018 lingerie catwalk spectacular - also insisted that her J Brand range needed to be ''sustainable'' before anything else.

She continued: To have this collection be as sustainable as possible was very important for me. All styles in the capsule feature sustainable elements - an eco wash showing significant reduction in water used during production, tags, trims, and hardware made of recycled and/or sustainable materials, and the use of recycled cotton wherever possible.''