The Oliver's Army singer reveals he was first approached to write about his life story after the success of his debut album, My Aim Is True, but he declined as was just 24.

He revisited the idea decades later, and started putting pen to paper around 2005 - but even then, Costello admits progress was slow going.

Costello tells U.S. talk show host Stephen Colbert, "I was asked to write it when I was 24... and I figured maybe I should do some things first. So now I've done some things.

"I started about 10 years ago and I tore up a lot of versions of it and then the last three or four years I really went to work on it."

The 61-year-old star has since unveiled Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink, and he admits some passages were unintentionally written as if he was penning a song: "I did occasionally find myself going into rhyme by accident, and I had to stop myself. Actually, if you look carefully there are a couple of chapters that end in rhyme and I didn't realise that I'd written them!"

Publishers at Penguin previously described the book as an "unconventional but indelible memoir", adding, "This is his story, written himself, rich with anecdotes about family and fellow musicians, introspective about the creation of his famous songs."