Emeli Sande has released her hotly-anticipated comeback single 'Sparrow'.

Writing the rousing ballad was a ''spiritual'' experience for the 'Read All About It' hitmaker, who belts out her huge powerhouse vocals with the accompaniment of a gospel choir on the stunning anthem.

The track tackles low self-esteem and aims to ''uplift and inspire'' in the dark times facing the world.

On the deeply emotional track, she sings: ''We got magic in our bones just like the stars, we're gonna shine bright and are golden.

''With the heart of a sparrow tell me what arrow could ever bring you down?''

The track was completely written and produced by Emeli, 32, and it was a freeing experience for the

The 'Next to Me' singer explained: '''Sparrow' is a song to bring hope in all its forms, a song to lift us out of the darkness, and let us soar.

''It's hard to find poetry in the world anymore, I miss the romance and I just want to breathe some love into humanity.''

As well as having a spiritual experience writing music, Emeli - whose last performance was on 'The X Factor' in December - previously admitted that she

has to be in the ''right place spiritually'' to perform live.

The 'Hurts' hitmaker has learned two important lessons over the years, that cutting back on alcohol and meditating before shows is the most valuable practice pre-show ritual for giving her best performance, although she admitted she loves the odd glass of bubbly.

She told BANG Showbiz: ''Warming up is very, very important. Trying not to drink too much is a very good idea.

''Sobriety ... I like a bit of champagne. I guess trying to stay healthy as much as you can, meditating and getting into the right zone to be on stage.

''Going on every night you really have to make sure spiritually you are in the right place. That's been the biggest lesson for me.''

Since the release of her 2016 LP 'Long Live the Angels', Emeli has featured on 2017's 'Higher' with rapper Giggs and 'Survive' with Don Diablo and Gucci Mane, plus Naughty's song 'Bungee Jumping'.