Emilia Clarke thinks it's her ''job'' to conceal her feelings when she's having a ''s***ty time''.

The 'Game of Thrones' actress insisted it wouldn't be very ''helpful'' for anyone around her to realise she's having doubts about herself and her abilities so has found ways to quietly get herself together again.

She said: ''Maybe it's because my dad was a crew member as his job, but I see it as my job to never ever let anyone know if you're having a s***ty time. I just don't think it's helpful, at all.

''When I do get the two o'clock terrors and feel like I'm the biggest failure on the planet and I don't know how to breathe, I pop on Judi Dench's Desert Island Disc.''

The 32-year-old actress also admitted she has found herself in ''hell'' by comparing herself to edited images she's seen in magazines and wants people to understand that they are not ''real''.

She told Flaunt magazine: ''This is not real, this is photoshopping, this is four hours in hair and make-up, this is a dress that I didn't buy, this is a stylist, this is a professional hair and make-up person whose entire job is to make people look beautiful.

''I've been the person who measures their self worth on those images, and it's hell.''

The British actress has always ''fought'' for her 'Game of Thrones' character, Daenerys Targaryen to show her sensitive side - and admitted she sees her own self reflected in her alter ego.

She said: ''Throughout the show I've always fought for a sensitivity in her, which they've written in.

''I was like, 'This is great that she's getting stronger, but you have to know why. You have to know how much it is costing her.' I've always tried to show that it costs [to get stronger], and it's not easy. I think that's as much talking about myself. There's collateral there.''