Emilia Clarke is ''hellbent'' on not having any cosmetic surgery.

The 32-year-old actress refuses to have any work done to her face and, instead, plans to stick by her mother's expert beauty advice of moisturising morning and night.

Emilia told The Memo: ''I'm pretty hellbent on not getting anything done to my face. But I kind of want to do all I can in taking care of my skin. It's a form of self-care as well- I'm choosing to put the energy into making sure I'm looking good.''

Since a young age, the 'Last Christmas' star has always been cautious of her skin.

She explained: ''You really need to care for your skin. Like I said, my mum worked in skincare; so from like the age of 10 I cleansed, toned and moisturised twice a day, every day. I could have a big night out and I will still wake up the next morning with clean skin.''

And it's her clear glowing skin that has nabbed her a spot as the first-ever global ambassador for Clinque.

Determined to swear off any surgery, Emilia is opting for the brand's BB-Gel to help keep her skin looking young and fresh.

She said: ''The BB thing is like my secret weapon; as soon as I tried it out, I was like oh, this is my vibe--this is so my vibe. As I said, I'm lazy--so I wake up in the morning, and I put on the BB-Gel as if it were moisturiser, and then just forget about it. And I swear from like the first time I used it my skin was GLOWING!

''It doesn't look like I have foundation on, but my skin looks so clear. It's the one thing that I use every single day and people are like 'have you been on holiday? Are you alright? Have you been sleeping well? You're looking good!'

''And so obviously I then told all my mates about it because it's a genuinely brilliant product.''