Emilia Clarke has ''nightmares'' if she doesn't take her make-up off before bed.

The 'Game of Thrones' star insists she will always remove her make-up properly, even if she is ''blackout drunk'' at the time and has a particular routine.

She said: ''Even when I'm blackout drunk, which isn't very often. I take off my make-up before bed. Genuinely, I have nightmares - I can't sleep in my make-up.

''I do a double cleanse - first an oil cleanse, then a more milky one, and I wash it off with a muslin cloth instead of face wipes to not kill the planet.''

And the 33-year-old actress has recalled how much she struggled with her beauty routine after she underwent two bouts of brain surgery.

Speaking about her two serious brain surgeries, she added: ''Because of the scar from the second surgery, I couldn't blow-dry or wash my hair for ages, so my mum would try and wash as much as she could around it, but I was in so much pain even that was tricky. For a while make-up was too much for me, so I turned to a simple ritual like moisturising my skin to make me feel as if I was taking care of myself. It's the little things. When I started to feel better and I could look in the mirror without being horrified by my scar, I would gently put on a bit of mascara. I started to feel more myself when I took five minutes out for me every day.''

And Emilia has confessed she learned the hard way that she's allergic to fake tan.

She told The Times newspaper: ''In series one of 'Game of Thrones', I got sunburnt and they had to cover me in fake tan. It's why Daenerys looked tanned and then didn't. I blew up like Hitch. I had spots from head to toe, and my lips swelled up. When the cast saw me, they screamed.''