Emily Blunt loves the ''action hero version'' of John Krasinski.

The 40-year-old actor performed his own stunts whilst filming season two of 'Jack Ryan', and although John now admits it was a ''stupid'' decision, his wife was excited to see his risk-taking attitude come to the fore.

John - who plays the titular character in the Amazon Prime Video series - explained: ''She is one of the people who will take me any way I come, which is really nice - but I don't think she dislikes the action hero version of me.

''It's been great. She's been super supportive of all of it.''

John also revealed he loved the experience of shooting scenes for the series in London, where his wife was born.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', he shared: ''It was very fun. I gotta say, one of my favourite places in the world was London - obviously because my in-laws are there, but I never shot there before, and I certainly never shot a scene where I was jumping off roofs and jumping from roof to roof.

''That was something, in retrospect, stupid. But it looked great.''

In season two of 'Jack Ryan', Jack travels to South America to take down the bad guys.

And the Hollywood star has teased details of the storyline.

He said: ''For me, the most exciting thing was to play a personal story, like a personal revenge story.

''A friend of mine is in a lot of trouble and something bad happens to him, so the entire season, I'm trying to find out who did it to him, and trying to avenge a great friend.

''It sounds super corny, but if you liked the first season, I think you'll really like the second season. It's bigger, it's a little grittier, it's more fun.''