Emily Blunt used to ''really enjoy wearing men's waistcoats''.

The 35-years actress - who recently starred in 'Mary Poppins Returns' - has revealed that she had no sense of style before entering the film industry and would often step out in ''lurid colours'' and ''white mum jeans'' before they ''were cool''.

Speaking to Harpers Bazaar UK, Emily said: ''What have I learned about style? I've learned that I had none before I embarked into this industry, I used to really enjoy wearing men's waistcoats, quite lurid colours, with white jeans, but like mum jeans, before they were cool. I wonder if I wore that now if I'd be a trail blazer? So I've learned that ... I think style is an extension of who you are.''

Emily - who is married to fellow Hollywood star John Krasinski - also admitted that the ''choices'' she makes in her career are very important to her and the way she wants to be perceived as an actress.

She explained: ''What I've learned about my career specifically is that, I think I realised quite early on is that all you have in many ways are the choices that you make and you have no control over what happens after you've made the choices and it should be completely personal to you.''

Emily also revealed some of her beauty tips, saying she is learning to ''embrace the pale'' as she's realised over the years that her one go-to product is ''sunscreen''.

She said: ''I've learnt that confidence is actually very quiet and it's not in your face and it's not chest beating. It's very still and very quiet.

''I've learnt about beauty that I personally, should not lie in the sun - I am naturally very pale and I should just embrace it. So I've learnt to wear sunscreen and embrace the pale.''