Emily Ratajkowski has ''no issue'' with pornography.

The 'Gone Girl' actress has been outspoken with her feminist views and she believes what is empowering to women is very individual and they should be free to make the choices that feel good for themselves.

She told Grazia magazine: ''For me, feminism is all about choice, socially, sexually, in the workplace, in any capacity.

''It is about women having the freedom to choose.

''[Are there limits?] I don't think so. Once you start drawing lines you're missing the point because everyone has different things they want for themselves and there are no limitations for men in that way.

''I have no issue with [pornography]. With the feminist revolution, there was such an amazing conversation and then there was a split between, 'Well, if you're a sex worker, you can't be a feminist' or 'If you're a fan of pornography, you can't be feminist.' I just don't feel that way.

''I think if that makes a woman feel good, it's the same as a woman choosing to cover her face with a burka.

''If that's her cultural influence and she feels empowered by it and satisfied with it, that's up to her.

''Women must be liberated, not constrained, by feminism.''

The 27-year-old star credits her mother for her own ease with her body because of an incident when she was turned away from a disco aged 13 for looking sexy, just because of her ''curvy figure with really big breasts'', and her mom sprung to her defence.

She said: ''It was so embarrassing. I wasn't having sex and didn't know what being sexy was so it was very strange to get that kind of reaction.

''I felt like it was my fault although it wasn't.

''Seeing [my mom's] response to those things - never letting me feel guilty, the way she raged against people who told me how to dress, I think that's why I have the attitude I do.''