Emily Ratajkowski was ''ashamed'' of her body when she was growing up because she ''developed super young''.

The 28-year-old model-and-actress has amassed 23.2 million followers on Instagram thanks to her steady stream of images showing off her incredible figure and Emily uses her body to promote her fashion lines.

However, the 'Gone Girl' star was not so confident in her skin when she was a teenager and was often ''criticised'' for having a voluptuous body as a teenager.

She said: ''I'm really about body positivity, for me I grew up and I developed super young. I was criticised at 13. I felt really ashamed of my body but I've come full circle, and now I'm like, 'Do your thing!' I really want young girls to see that and feel that way about themselves.''

And Emily designs her own lingerie and swimwear for her brand Inamorata and she admits she could extend her range and design swimming shorts for men that show ''a little thigh''.

She told PEOPLE Now: ''Soon. I always think about how for guys, there's either the really long board shorts of the speedos. I want a little thigh, I want a peek-a-thigh, just a little coverage. Yeah, that's my angle.''

The striking brunette has also teamed up with online retailer Nasty Gal to design her own size inclusive fashion range, which went on sale this week.