Emily Ratajkowski's wedding was ''just for'' her and her husband.

The 'We Are Your Friends' actress and her spouse Sebastian Bear-McClard tied the knot in secret earlier this year at a courthouse and she really liked how low key it was.

Speaking on Busy Tonight, she said: ''We knew each other for a long time before and he likes to joke like, 'Yeah, everyone thinks we got married quickly but you vetted me for two years.' Women always know ... I was always like 'Okay, I probably shouldn't hang out with that guy alone' ... and then next thing you know I'm at the courthouse getting married. It was secret for four hours. Weddings are amazing, I want to party, I want to celebrate love and relationships, but this was just for us and it was very nice.''

Meanwhile, the 27-year-old model and actress previously revealed she sees marriage as a ''business'' and she believes there are no expectations on the institution because its history is a ''joke''.

She said: ''You know, ultimately marriage is like business. Marriage is really to me what you want to take from it, because the history of it is like a joke.''

Emily wanted to keep her nuptials a secret for as long as possible so shunned a traditional white wedding dress for a tailored suit. was definitely not a ''Pinterest Bride''.

She revealed: ''I was not a Pinterest bride! I do so much glam, I do fittings once a week so for me it was just so nice to throw on a Zara suit that I loved, do my own hair and make-up. I always feel the most confident when I do it myself - and not have to have the fussiness of being a bride.''