Eminem has admitted Paul Rosenburg has a big impact on his lyrics due to his brutal honesty.

The 'Walk On Water' rapper often finds it difficult to reign himself in when it comes to his often divisive rhymes, but he explained his manager's critique plays a massive part in helping him edit his work and realise when a song is ready to be heard by the wider world.

Speaking to Billboard magazine, Slim Shady said: ''Paul always tells me what I don't want to hear. But I gotta respect it, because it's not an easy job. When there's things that I may go too far on, whatever it is, he's the guy who's there to give me the truth. Usually, when we put our heads together and we agree on something, that's when we feel that something's ready to come out.''

The hip hop icon - whose latest album 'Revival' came out in December - candidly revealed he continues to have moments of self doubt even after a record has been released.

He added: ''You get all kinds of feelings. I think that there are things that we learn from each album, and I think there's things to be taken away from this album and the reaction to it.

''Were there too many songs? Were there too many features? There were certain songs like 'Tragic Endings' and 'Need Me' where I felt like lyrically they would give the listener a second to breathe.

''I spend a lot of time writing shit that I think nobody ever gets. I don't know if everybody goes on Genius and tries to look up meanings.''