Singer Estelle took a self-imposed hiatus and sacked her entire entourage after her breakthrough hit American Boy as she "hated" the music industry.
The R&B star shot to global fame when her collaboration with Kanye West became a worldwide hit in 2008, but her follow-up singles failed to replicate its success.
British-born Estelle took three years to release her next album All of Me, which is due out later this month (Feb12) - and the singer reveals she had a dramatic change of heart about making music after her breakthrough.
She tells The New Review magazine, "I suddenly realised I didn't like this any more. In fact, I hated it, hated all the people around me, and I damn near hated myself as well for putting myself through it."
Estelle was also left so unnerved by some advice she received at an awards ceremony in 2008, she fired all her aides as she was convinced she couldn't trust them.
She adds, "Somebody came up to me to say that lots of people - people I had considered friends for years - were taking advantage of me, and that I should keep an eye out... I went back to the hotel and threw things around, broke things, and cried. And I never cry.
"But what else was I supposed to do? I felt suddenly surrounded by all this disloyalty... These were people I thought I could trust, but I was wrong. A lot of things were happening behind the scenes. They were taking advantage of me... I was like, 'OK, you have to go, all of you. Sure, I'm going to be lonely for three months, but whatever. Go.'"