Eva Herzigova is still ''very proud'' of her Wonderbra ad campaign.

The 39-year-old supermodel fronted a 1994 advertisement for the lingerie company - which saw her pictured in underwear alongside the slogan 'Hello boys' - and she is still amazed by the success of the posters.

She said: ''It's just amazing how popular it was and the impact it made.

''It was very smart advertising; it was witty and empowering to women - who cares what the boys think, the girls are in power. That was a new thing. I'm still very proud of that campaign.''

Eva is pleased she has had to work with a number of top photographers, but late snapper Helmut Newton is her favourite, even if his techniques were sometimes challenging.

She recalled to aMuse magazine: ''Out of all of them, Helmut [Newton] was something else.

''He would snap two or three images of each shot, no more. And he'd get one absolutely perfect shot. He would put you into a painful, awkward position, maybe almost naked in a street, and then he would leave you. He would say, 'Don't move!' Then he'd go and have a coffee and come back and you would be dying. But he wanted that frustration. He wanted that look, that emotion, and then it was just one or two clicks and he had it.

''I had a great relationship with Helmut. I always questioned him and everyone would be like, 'Oh, you can't do that to Helmut!' But he liked me.'' One shot he took of her has her posing with a sex doll - and it's undeniable that she exudes sex appeal, which is why photographers grope for their cameras when she walks into the room.''