Movie veteran Eva Marie Saint has fallen for her DON'T COME KNOCKING co-star Sam Shepard after playing his mother in the film. The 71-year-old actress admits she was smitten by the shy star, who has been dating JESSICA LANGE since 1982. And she even told Lange, who also appears in the film, about her feelings. Saint says, "Who doesn't think Sam's sexy? Not only women, but men too - like my husband. I think it's partly because there's this shyness about him. "I also really like that crooked smile he has. I told him, 'Don't go to the dentist and have them fix that crooked tooth.' "He said, 'What tooth?' I said, 'Aw come on Sam, that sexy crazy crooked tooth.' We women recognize it! It's the imperfection of his teeth that makes him sexy. "He's not out of a mould; he's not perfect. He doesn't have the white, perfect teeth and he's offbeat a little bit, and that's always attractive."