Quaker actress Eva Marie Saint begged director Robert Mulligan for a remote hotel suite when she filmed THE STALKING MOON in 1968 - because she couldn't stand the sights and sounds of casino gambling. The 71-year-old THE SANDPIPER star grew up thinking gambling was evil, and when she found herself staying in a casino complex in Nevada with co-star Gregory Peck, she struggled to keep her cool. She says, "It was filmed outside of Las Vegas in the mountains. We were in a hotel where people gambled and I had to walk through the casino to get to my suite. "I'd see all the women gambling at five in the morning, with all their make-up running, and it was awfully hard for me to play Sarah Carver, this lady who is snatched by the Indians with her half-breed son. "I said to Bob Mulligan, 'May I have another room, where I have a back door, so I don't have to see the gamblers?' You're very much affected by the things around you." Saint returned to Nevada to film new Wim Wenders movie DON'T COME KNOCKING and again refused to gamble, but she admits she did once suffer a moment of weakness. She adds, "I did put 10 cents in the slot machine only once and I said, 'If I win anything I'm gonna split the money with my two children.' I think I won $10."