Eva Mendes admits being a working mother makes her feel ''guilty''.

The 43-year-old actress has daughters Esmeralda, three, and 16-month-old Amada with her partner, actor Ryan Gosling, and Eva has confessed it's tough trying to balance her home life with her work commitments.

She shared: ''Oh my God, nobody warns you about the guilt that you feel when you do work!''

Eva explained that despite her best efforts, she still cannot explain how she manages to juggle her various responsibilities.

Speaking to E! News, she said: ''I don't know how I find balance, because I think it is like a day to day kind of struggle, you know?''

Eva stressed the need for working mothers to look after their own interests.

But she admitted the guilt she feels when she leaves her children behind to go to work is unlikely to disappear completely.

Eva explained: ''I'm all for obviously taking care of myself - that's how I can take care of them of course - but that guilt that is just kind of always there. It's like, 'Ugh, this is gonna be there forever now.'''

The fashion-conscious actress also revealed she's happy to allow her eldest daughter to wear whatever she likes, provided she feels comfortable.

Eva said: ''Literally, you wanna wear jammies all day? Wear jammies all day. Like, to me, it is such a beautiful time to be a kid and not have, you know, no pressure.''

What's more, Eva explained how her two daughters' personalities differ - but she still insisted they are both ''angels''.

The actress - who first started dating Ryan in 2011, after they met on the set of 'The Place Beyond the Pines' - said: ''They are pretty opposite. They are both angels, they are just different kinds of angels.''