The Oxford Comma singer reveals he often boasts about his role on the Shrek album but now confirms his band never actually recorded a song because he "refused to capitalize on Weezer's misfortune".

In a tweet interaction with a fan, Ezra wrote, "after a bus accident in 2009, it looked like Weezer might not be able to record 'I'm A Believer' for the Shrek Forever After soundtrack... the Shrek soundtrack supervisor reached out to Vampire Weekend abt (about) covering the song but i refused to capitalize on Weezer's misfortune.

"do i sometimes regret the decision? of course. do i sometimes lie on twitter & say i was on shrek soundtracks? yes - once."

But the Vampire Weekend frontman is hoping he will get another chance to record music for a family blockbuster, adding, "shrek, if ur reading this (and thinking abt doing more movies) let me (and rappers) despot & makonnen do a song for u."