Fall Out Boy rocker Pete Wentz has revealed that the diamond in his new fiancee Ashlee Simpson's ring is conflict free.

Speaking to People magazine at the NME Awards, socially-conscious Pete said: "It's something I care about.

"I can't actually go [to Africa to pick it out] myself, but I trust [the jeweller]. He's a reputable person."

He drew further attention to the cause by wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the words "Coltan is a conflict diamond" - referring to the metallic ore largely found in the African nation of Congo - to the Los Angeles ceremony.

Ashlee and Pete became engaged several weeks ago - announcing their happy news to fans via Pete's website.

Since then, Pete has credited Ashlee with helping him overcome the depression which has blighted him in recent years.

Speaking to Hollyscoop, the singer said that in the past six months he has come to terms with his condition, thanks to Ashlee's patience and understanding.

"Things are so good with Ashlee. To be in a position where you're with your best friend and you can hang out with them all the time is great. I never have moments of doubt with her," he added.

25/04/2008 12:03:15