Fall Out Boy hope their biggest fan Taylor Swift appreciates their new album 'M A N I A'.

The emo pop punk group - Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley - are good pals with the 'End Game' hitmaker as she has covered their hit song 'Sugar, We're Going Down' in the past, and even invited frontman Stump on stage to perform with her before.

The 'Dance, Dance' singer said: ''Taylor's great, I'm a fan, I hope she likes it. I'm sure she will. Especially someone like her. She is a really great lyricist and a really great songwriter. So it would be great for Taylor to appreciate our work, too.''

Meanwhile, the 'Centuries' singer says that arguments over the latest 'Star Wars' movie, 'The Last Jedi', may have had something to do with them delaying the record, which was released on January 19, four months.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: ''If we're not arguing about the record, our baby, like we do a Star Wars film, then something is wrong!

''All of our best stuff we have argued about, but this one we got pretty far into without anyone saying anything.

''And I knew that wasn't a good sign. That means it's just fine - it's an OK record.

''The Last Jedi must have been a great movie as our band have spent hours and hours fighting over it.

''People want that kind of reaction, but this record wasn't really living up to that so we decided to take more time and make it better.''

It comes after Wentz admitted it's sometimes better to release songs people ''hate'' to get noticed.

The bassist said that it was important to put out something that wasn't just ''white noise'' for the sake of it, otherwise it may be ''immediately lost''.

He admitted: ''We did delay our album by a few months and I think for a band like us, it's really important to get it right in 2018.

''I don't think that just putting music out makes sense for Fall Out Boy because there's so much white noise out there.

''You're almost better off putting out something that people hate because then they talk about it.

''But if you just put something out that is 'whatever' it's just immediately lost.''

Fall Out Boy play London's The O2 arena on March 31.