LATEST: Fall Out Boy star Pete Wentz has hit back at a lawsuit claiming he assaulted a fan after a gig - insisting his accuser is just trying to make "a quick payoff".
Andy Kallas, from Chicago, Illinois, has launched legal action against the star, alleging he suffered "serious injuries to his head, mouth and face" during an unprovoked attack outside a club.
He is suing Wentz and Schuba's Tavern, where the beating allegedly took place after a recent Fall Out Boy show.
But Wentz insists the claims are not true, accusing Kallas of attempting to make money out of him.
He tells, "This lawsuit is entirely without merit and will be vigorously defended.
"This is another in a long line of frivolous lawsuits that are filed against celebrities each year from individuals seeking a quick payoff when there is absolutely no justification for the claim."
Kallas is reported to have jeered at the band during the gig, but Wentz is adamant he would never lose his temper over something so trivial.
He adds, "We get heckled onstage all the time, and while I'm a jerk, I'm not the kind of person who would ever lash out at someone simply over this."