Fall Out Boy rocker Pete Wentz expects critics to accuse him of "selling out" by opening a punk-inspired beauty salon in Chicago, Illinois - but warns them their harsh words won't hurt him. The stylish bassist pumped money into his retail side project to satisfy his hair and fashion obsession, and he has no regrets about making the bold move - because people only get one shot at achieving their goals. He says, "I've always been obsessed by hair and fashion. Ever since I was really young it's something I've had a massive interest in. It's only just opened so it's still early days, but I think it's going to be really competitive. "People will probably accuse me of selling out or being a total asshole who has no idea what he's doing, but that doesn't bother me too much. Life is an adventure, and if you can't just go and do something because of what other people might say or think then that's just silly. I'd rather try something and fail than not try and wonder what might have been."