The X-Men and Taken beauty reveals she had an inkling the proteins typically found in wheat and related grains were causing havoc on her digestive system and decided to undergo an allergy test to find out once and for all.

However, Famke admits she regrets the test every day, because ignorance really was bliss for her whenever it came to meal times.

"Stupidly, I got tested, and I'm gluten intolerant, and I love gluten!" she moaned during an interview on U.S. cooking show The Chew on Tuesday (07Mar17). "I wish I never did it!"

Famke, 52, only realised just how badly it affected her while on location in Canada, where she noticed how swollen her stomach had become after feasting on gluten-filled products.

"I was filming in Vancouver and... I'd just done the test, I knew what the outcome was gonna be, I already knew it, so I was stuffing my face with everything that I could find that had gluten in it...," she smiled, "and then I just saw little clips of the movie and I was like, 'Wait, I'm pregnant?', 'cause the whole time I just have this belly that sticks out.

"Then of course, the test came back, and they (doctors) said, 'It's really bad, as in, you can't really ever eat gluten again.'"

The actress didn't name the film she had been shooting at the time of her diet discovery, but it's not the first time Famke has drastically switched up her eating habits.

In 2014, she revealed she had cut meat and dairy products from her diet, although it appears she is no longer vegan as she happily tucked into a gluten-free gingerbread cake, which was made with buttermilk, during her appearance on The Chew.