Famke Janssen has joined the cast of 'Endless'.

The 54-year-old actress will play the single working-class mother of 19-year-old Chris (Nicholas Hamilton), who is separated from the love of his life Riley (Alexandra Shipp) after he is killed in a fatal accident which leaves him to have to watch Riley grieve for her loss.

Janssen recently appeared on ABC's 'How to Get Away with Murder' and ''The Blacklist: Redemption' and has wrapped production on 'Primal' opposite Nicolas Cage and 'The Poison Rose' starring John Travolta and Morgan Freeman. Her most famous roles have been in the 'X-Men' films and TV series 'Nip/Tuck'.

The model and actress - who was born in the Netherlands and then later moved to the United States in 1984 to study acting and find work - has done a variety of roles and says she likes to take risks so that she can challenge herself as an actress.

She previously said: ''I'm a firm believer in taking risks in life, because you'll never get anywhere unless you do, and the more risk involved the greater the outcome - or the worse, but you never know so you've got to go for it.''

Ingenious Media have come on board the film - which is based on a draft by Rohit Kumar - with Anders Erdén and Daniel Negret who will be executive producing alongside John Jencks, Jay Taylor and Joe Simpson of J Cubed Film Finance.

Gabriela Bacher of Film House Germany's Summerstorm Entertainment is producing alongside Basil Iwanyk, Erica Lee of Thunder Road Pictures and Sean Finegan of Hyper Media Ventures.

Canadian producing partner Kevin DeWalt of Mind's Eye Entertainment will also be joining them.