Authorities are looking to question a man previously accused of harassing Famke Janssen in relation to a suspected break-in at her New York home last weekend (10-11Aug13).

The X-Men star contacted cops after discovering a copy of a children's book she has never owned in a bedroom at her Manhattan home.

A police report was filed and an investigation launched, and now officials have turned their attentions to Carlos Echeverria, who was quizzed in 2005 over claims of aggravated harassment.

During that incident, Janssen alleged the 50 year old, who lives in The Bronx, had been bombarding her with letters, cards and photos since 2004, before turning up outside her apartment building and approaching her on the street.

He was never arrested, but police sources tell the New York Daily News that cops are interested in speaking to him about Saturday's (10Aug13) creepy break-in.