Father Ted actor Frank Kelly has hit back at reports he is battling cancer again, insisting the disease he fought in 2007 has not returned.
British tabloid reports suggested the 70 year old is currently undergoing chemotherapy to treat liver cancer.
Kelly has suffered from the disease in the past and underwent an operation to remove a giant tumour from his bowel in 2007.
He was reportedly given the all-clear after the procedure - but new reports suggest the disease spread to his liver last December (08).
The actor has downplayed the story, insisting he is fit and well, and adding he is only receiving chemotherapy treatment as a preventative measure.
He tells BBC News, "I want it made clear that I don't have cancer any more. I have had cancer of the bowel and something about the size of a mobile was removed.
"They then found a little spot on my liver and that was subsequently removed. But I don't have cancer; I just have to go for treatment for a period until they give the all-clear.
"I'm still working and just this morning I went for a long swim in the sea and then also a speed walk, which I thoroughly enjoyed. So that's how I am at the moment, feeling quite good if not a little tired after all that."