Felicity Jones thinks movie sets are ''sacred''.

The 'On The Basis Of Sex' actress gets easily distracted so has developed a ''mental process'' in order to get into character and focus on her work so she can give the best performance possible.

She said: ''I can't help but be focused. I admire those characters that fly a bit too close to the sun. And I feel the set is a sacred place. When you walk on to it, I like to be in character as much as possible.

''I get distracted so easily that I'll start chatting before a take, and then I'll completely lose my thread.

''So I have developed a mental process where I like to be in that person's headspace - quite quiet and focused. You need that in order to take risks.''

The 35-year-old actress loves the inclusivity of her job because she spent so many years feeling like an ''outsider''.

She said: ''I'm definitely interested in the stories that are put out there and having more say in them. I felt like a bit of an outsider growing up. I always had a sense of not being in the cool gang; not being on the inside.

''What I love about what I'm doing now, is that I've worked with people from all over the world. Hollywood is getting better as a place to harness talent, and getting the right person for the right job.''

When she isn't working, Felicity likes nothing more than relaxing with a good book, no matter where she is.

She told Britain's Marie Claire magazine: '''I love reading. It's my favourite activity in the world, and I always have a book in my bag. At the moment I'm enjoying 'Swing Time' by Zadie Smith. It's excellent.''