Ibiza Rocks

Ibiza Rocks
Place: Ibiza
Dates: From 29/03/2014 To 06/06/2014
Country: Spain

Back in early 2005, Ibiza Rocks was born and the baby of the Balearics quite literally represented the birth of new life in Ibiza and enticed a new generation to the island. Bye bye to ageing superstar DJ's, bloated VIP areas, inflated prices, foam parties and bad taste booze cruises. Hello to Ibiza Rocks' groundbreaking series of live music events and an innovative youth brand totally in tune with their hungry, young audience. From intimate, open-air gigs with some of the worlds best bands including Arctic Monkeys, to the launch of the destination concept Ibiza Rocks Hotel in 2008 with The Enemy, to the opening of a new hotel in Mallorca this year and the most sensational gig line up to date, the Ibiza Rocks brand knows no boundaries. Ibiza Rocks - unrivalled, unstoppable and unmissable! Tickets: Ticket prices differ between artists through the months and are determined by need for accommodation ECT.

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