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Pilgrimage - Trailer

It is the year 1209 anno domini, and Ireland is merely a green, mountainous mass of land fraught with bloody religious war. An ancient brotherhood of monks are in possession of a potentially dangerous holy relic with the power to...

Marshall - Trailer

Thurgood Marshall (Chadwick Boseman) is well known for becoming the first African American Supreme Court Justice in 1967, following his instrumental involvement in the Brown v. Board of Education case, desegragating schools in America once and for all in 1954....

Posted 29 June 2017

Chadwick Boseman Dan Stevens Kate Hudson Josh Gad James Cromwell Sophia Bush

Pilgrimage - Trailer

It is the year 1209 anno domini, and Ireland is merely a green, mountainous mass of land fraught with bloody religious war. An ancient brotherhood of monks are in possession of a potentially dangerous holy relic with the power to...

Posted 28 June 2017

Tom Holland Jon Bernthal Richard Armitage John Lynch

Stronger - Trailer

There's something about national tragedy that has the ability to unite human beings and incite personal growth within the souls of individuals. The Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 was just one such example, and proof that as a united force...

Posted 27 June 2017

Jake Gyllenhaal Tatiana Maslany Miranda Richardson Clancy Brown David Gordon Green

Pitch Perfect 3 - Teaser Trailer

It has been a few years since the Barden Bellas graduated from college, and while they have largely managed to stay in touch, they have not performed together at musical World Championships for a very long time. Needless to say,...

Posted 27 June 2017

Anna Kendrick Rebel Wilson Elizabeth Banks Hailee Steinfeld Brittany Snow Anna Camp

Hampstead - Film Review

Deliberately appealing to older audiences, this undemanding comedy-drama comes with a hint of social relevance in its true story about an outcast who takes on the system in a leafy corner of London. While the script is too thin to...

Posted 23 June 2017

Diane Keaton Brendan Gleeson Lesley Manville James Norton Jason Watkins Adeel Akhtar

The Book Of Henry - Film Review

Apparently, this offbeat script had been making the rounds in Hollywood for some 20 years as filmmakers struggled to work out how to blend its inventive mismatch of genres. Enter Colin Trevorrow, who's first film Safety Not Included was a...

Posted 22 June 2017

Naomi Watts Sarah Silverman Dean Norris Lee Pace Tonya Pinkins Sidney Kimmel

Transformers: The Last Knight - Movie Review

With this fifth Transformers movie, it seems clear that Michael Bay is still trying to define this franchise. The first film was solidly entertaining, but the sequels have been hit and miss. And this jarringly chaotic episode never finds its...

Posted 22 June 2017

Mark Wahlberg Anthony Hopkins Laura Haddock Josh Duhamel Jim Carter Gemma Chan

Annabelle 2 - Annabelle: Creation - Trailer

After the death of his daughter, doll maker Samuel Mullins had a crisis of self. Children have been his life and making toys to make them happy was something that offered him much joy. Now he lives with his wife...

Posted 22 June 2017

Anthony LaPaglia Miranda Otto Stephanie Sigman

Terminator 2: Judgment Day - Clips

Terminator 2: Judgment Day was one of the best movies of the 90's and even still holds its own on many movie best-of lists. The classic film has now been remastered and it will be released in 3D. The movie follows...

Posted 21 June 2017

Arnold Schwarzenegger Edward Furlong Linda Hamilton Robert Patrick Joe Morton James Cameron

Thank You For Your Service - Trailer

Adam Schumann was part of one of the first Infantry Battalions to head into the brutal city of Baghdad at a stage in the battle where their enemies were far from easy to be seen. The troops would patrol the...

Posted 21 June 2017

Miles Teller Haley Bennett Joe Cole Amy Schumer Keisha Castle-Hughes Brad Beyer

Flatliners [2017] - Trailer

When medical student Courtney Homes approaches fellow student Jamie with the an intriguing prospect of 'having fun tonight', Jamie could never have guessed what he was getting himself in for. He accepts the request and Courtney tells him to travel...

Posted 20 June 2017

Ellen Page James Norton Diego Luna Nina Dobrev Kiefer Sutherland Beau Mirchoff

Daddy's Home 2 - Trailer

It’s part of modern life that divorce and separation is part of many families and a lot can't even form civil friendships. When Brad Whitaker met his wife Sara and her two children he thought that he'd been given the...

Posted 19 June 2017

Will Ferrell Mark Wahlberg Linda Cardellini John Lithgow Mel Gibson Alessandra Ambrosio

Churchill - Movie Review

This drama about the iconic British prime minister tells a darkly personal story set over just a few pivotal days during the Second World War. It's skilfully written and directed, and anchored by a wonderfully layered performance by Brian Cox....

Posted 18 June 2017

Brian Cox Miranda Richardson John Slattery Ella Purnell Julian Wadham Richard Durden

Gifted - Movie Review

This is one of those films that dances right up to the edge of soapy sentimentality, making us a little nervous about where it might go. But director Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) holds his nerve, letting the emotions...

Posted 17 June 2017

Chris Evans Lindsay Duncan Octavia Spencer Jenny Slate Glenn Plummer Elizabeth Marvel

Goodbye Christopher Robin - Trailer

Like most men and women of his time, Alan Alexander Milne - professionally known as A.A Milne -was recruited into the war and fought many battles, even though Britain won the war, many scars were clearly left on the nation....

Posted 16 June 2017

Domhnall Gleeson Margot Robbie Kelly MacDonald

Whitney: Can I Be Me - Movie Review

Notorious British filmmaker Nick Broomfield teams up with Austrian music documentary producer Rudi Dolezal to tell the story of Whitney Houston's tumultuous life. As the title suggests, what haunted the iconic singer most was an inability to live on her...

Posted 16 June 2017

Whitney Houston Bobby Brown Burt Bacharach David Foster David Roberts Nick Broomfield

The Hero - Trailer and Clips

Lee Hayden (Sam Elliott) is a former Western actor who, in his advancing years, no longer gets offered any work - apart from the odd commercial voiceover. He is, however, being offered a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Western Appreciation...

Posted 16 June 2017

Sam Elliott Krysten Ritter Laura Prepon Nick Offerman Katharine Ross Frank Collison

Forever My Girl - Trailer

Liam Page has always been one of those guys who has it all, he's popular has a family who loves him on the sports teams at school and has a girlfriend who adores him. Liam and Josie decided that they...

Posted 16 June 2017

Alex Roe-Brown John Benjamin Hickey

Inconceivable - Trailer

Angela and Brian have it all; they're both doctors who live in a beautiful house with their young daughter, Cora. Their ideal life wasn't always so blessed, for years the couple could not conceive so when they finally found out...

Posted 15 June 2017

Gina Gershon Nicolas Cage Faye Dunaway Nicky Whelan

A Ghost Story - Trailer

C and M are a married couple who love one another very much, they live together in their little detached suburban home where C composes his music. The pair are incredibly close and when C is killed in a fatal...

Posted 14 June 2017

Casey Affleck Rooney Mara David Lowery

Megan Leavey - Trailer, Clips and Featurette

Megan Leavey is a young US Marine corporal who has never been brilliant at connecting with people. Her mother isn't happy about choice of profession, but Megan finds something within herself as a Military Police K9 handler, finding it much...

Posted 13 June 2017

Kate Mara Edie Falco Common Ramon Rodriguez Tom Felton Bradley Whitford

Victoria And Abdul - Trailer

Queen Victoria was one of the United Kingdom's most loved monarchs. She ruled over her country with dignity and grace though she wasn't a lady to be toyed with. After the death of her beloved husband, Albert, the queen found...

Posted 12 June 2017

Judi Dench Eddie Izzard Adeel Akhtar Michael Gambon Simon Callow Julian Wadham

Black Panther - Trailer

Wakanda is one of Africa's biggest nations, it's still a third world country but it's also holder of many secrets. It's former ruler was King T'Chaka, the nation loved their King but he was killed by a bomb explosion, since...

Posted 12 June 2017

Chadwick Boseman Michael B. Jordan Lupita Nyong'o Danai Gurira Martin Freeman Daniel Kaluuya

The Mummy - Movie Review

To launch their new Dark Universe franchise, Universal has taken an approach that mixes murky visuals with exaggerated action. It's certainly nothing like the involving classic monster movies they're trying to reignite, such as the 1932 Boris Karloff classic The...

Posted 09 June 2017

Tom Cruise Annabelle Wallis Sofia Boutella Russell Crowe Jake M. Johnson Courtney B Vance

My Cousin Rachel - Movie Review

Daphne du Maurier's 1951 mystery-romance novel has been adapted for theatre, radio, TV and film, although the last time it was seen on the big screen was in the 1952 movie starring Olivia De Havilland and Richard Burton. So a...

Posted 09 June 2017

Rachel Weisz Sam Claflin Holliday Grainger Iain Glen Pierfrancesco Favino Simon Russell Beale

Wilson - Movie Review

It's never helpful when a comedy becomes a bit too smug about its own quirkiness. This movie is wilfully goofy but feels oddly irrelevant, focussing on a colourful central character who never quite seems like a real person. Woody Harrelson...

Posted 08 June 2017

Woody Harrelson Laura Dern Judy Greer Cheryl Hines Margo Martindale David Warshofsky

Coco - Trailer and Clip

At just 12-years-old, Miguel Rivera is already quite an accomplished guitar player, aspiring to be a world famous musician like his hero the late Ernesto de la Cruz. The only problem is, his family has banned music for many years,...

Posted 08 June 2017

Gael Garcia Bernal Benjamin Bratt Lee Unkrich

The Book Of Henry - Trailer and Clips

Henry Carpenter (Jaeden Lieberher) is a genius for his meagre 11 years and the reason why his single mother Susan (Naomi Watts) copes so well taking care of him and her younger son Peter (Jacob Tremblay). He helps her out...

Posted 08 June 2017

Naomi Watts Sarah Silverman Lee Pace Dean Norris

It Comes At Night - Trailer and Clips

Forests can be mysterious and bewildering places, but for Paul and his family it is one filled with horror and - at least at nighttime. When he meets a family of three in the vast woodland surrounding his home, he...

Posted 08 June 2017

Joel Edgerton Christopher Abbott Carmen Ejogo Riley Keough

American Made - Trailer

From a very young age, all Barry Seal had wanted to do was fly and by the time he was 15 he'd already qualified for a license to fly a plane himself. As Barry grew older, he took his passion...

Posted 05 June 2017

Tom Cruise Sarah Wright Domhnall Gleeson Jayma Mays Jesse Plemons Jed Rees

Interlude in Prague - Movie Review

A fictionalised story from the life of Wolfgang Mozart, this lavishly produced period drama is enjoyable for its witty performances and sexy intrigue. It's never as sharp as the screenwriters clearly intended it to be, and its tone veers wildly...

Posted 04 June 2017

Aneurin Barnard James Purefoy Samantha Barks Adrian Edmondson Dervla Kirwan John Stephenson

The Hippopotamus - Movie Review

This British satirical comedy may be a bit of a mess, but since it's based on a Stephen Fry novel, the snappy wit in the dialogue zings with his specific brand of intelligent humour. This keeps the audience entertained as...

Posted 03 June 2017

Roger Allam Matthew Modine Fiona Shaw Tim McInnerny Geraldine Somerville Russell Tovey

Paddington 2 - Teaser Trailer

Since being adopted into the Brown family, Paddington bear is now a big part of the Windsor Gardens neighbourhood. The novelty of his being a talking bear has worn off for most people, and he's thrilled to have finally found...

Posted 02 June 2017

Hugh Bonneville Hugh Grant Brendan Gleeson Jim Broadbent Peter Capaldi Sanjeev Bhaskar

Detour - Movie Review

This may look like a rather typical American indie thriller, but British filmmaker Christopher Smith (Severance) takes a bracingly inventive approach to telling the story. The result is a film that pulls us in and challenges us with ideas and...

Posted 02 June 2017

Tye Sheridan Emory Cohen Bel Powley Stephen Moyer John Lynch Gbenga Akinnagbe

Whitney: Can I Be Me - Trailer

Whitney Houston, the woman behind the 1992 number one hit cover of 'I Will Always Love You', was without doubt one of the finest voices in the history of pop music having won nearly 250 awards in her career including...

Posted 02 June 2017

Whitney Houston Bobbi Kristina Bobby Brown Nick Broomfield

Murder On The Orient Express - Trailer

It's the 1930s and a group of strangers from different walks of life board a crowded luxury train called the Orient Express in Istanbul, preparing for a long overnight journey to their destination. Among them is the world famous detective...

Posted 02 June 2017

Kenneth Branagh Johnny Depp Daisy Ridley Willem Dafoe Judi Dench Michelle Pfeiffer

Logan Lucky - Trailer

Jimmy and Clyde Logan are two down-and-out brothers from West Virginia. Jimmy has been fired from his job on a construction site for reasons relating to insurance and Clyde's job as a one-armed bartender hasn't worked out too well either....

Posted 02 June 2017

Channing Tatum Adam Driver Daniel Craig Riley Keough Katherine Waterston Seth Macfarlane

All Eyez On Me - Trailer and Clips

In 1971, a star was born in the form of Tupac Amaru Shakur; a star who would go on to be one of the most influential faces in the history of hip hop. In 1991, the world exploded in admiration...

Posted 02 June 2017

Danai Gurira Katerina Graham Annie Ilonzeh Jamal Woolard Cory Hardrict Lauren Cohan

The Beguiled - Trailers

John McBurney is a Union soldier who is found injured in the grounds of a Mississippi Confederate all-girls boarding school in 1863. The girls and their headmistress Miss Farnsworth take him inside to care for him, locking him in a...

Posted 02 June 2017

Nicole Kidman Colin Farrell Kirsten Dunst Elle Fanning Angourie Rice Sofia Coppola

Wonder Woman - Movie Review

Boldly optimistic, this action-packed adventure breathes fresh life into the DC universe with a welcome balance of comedy, flirtation and a sense of righteous justice. And at the centre, Gal Gadot is a hugely engaging hero with a refreshing moral...

Posted 01 June 2017

Gal Gadot Chris Pine David Thewlis Robin Wright Connie Nielsen Danny Huston

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Pierce Brosnan Will Sing In Mamma Mia 2

Pierce Brosnan will sing in Mamma Mia 2

Pierce Brosnan has confirmed he will be singing in 'Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!'The 64-year-old actor starred as Sam...

Jon Watts Was Perfect Choice For Spider-man: Homecoming

Jon Watts was perfect choice for Spider-Man: Homecoming

Amy Pascal says Jon Watts was the perfect choice to direct 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' because he has something ''really rare and...

Steve Carell Wants Kristen Wiig In All His Movies

Steve Carell wants Kristen Wiig in all his movies

Steve Carell would love to work with Kristen Wiig on every movie.The two actors first starred together in 2010's 'Date...

Richard Hammond Thought He'd

Richard Hammond Thought He'd "Had It" In 'The Grand Tour' Horror Crash

Richard Hammond has spoken publicly for the first time since the horror car crash in which he was lucky to...

Tom Holland Confirms Marvel Fan Theory About His Spider-man Character

Tom Holland Confirms Marvel Fan Theory About His Spider-Man Character

Spider-Man star Tom Holland has delighted fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe by confirming that his character has been linked...

Sharon Osbourne Forced To Miss 'The X Factor' Auditions Because Of Back Pain

Sharon Osbourne Forced To Miss 'The X Factor' Auditions Because Of Back Pain

Sharon Osbourne has been replaced by Alesha Dixon at auditions for the upcoming series of ‘The X Factor’, after she...

Troy Duffy To Helm New Psychological Thriller

Troy Duffy to helm new psychological thriller

Troy Duffy is making his return to directing for the first time in nearly a decade on 'The Blood Spoon...

Halle Berry Claims Her Oscar Win

Halle Berry Claims Her Oscar Win "Meant Nothing" For Diversity

Halle Berry made history back in 2002 when she won the best actress Oscar for her acclaimed role in Monster’s...

Jason Statham Turned Down Marvel Role

Jason Statham turned down Marvel role

Jason Statham was close to landing a role in a Marvel movie but ''it didn't work out''.The 49-year-old actor was...

Ben Hardy 'Cast As Roger Taylor In Bohemian Rhapsody'

Ben Hardy 'cast as Roger Taylor in Bohemian Rhapsody'

Ben Hardy has been cast as Roger Taylor in an upcoming Freddie Mercury biopic.The 26-year-old actor - who starred in...

Sam Taylor-johnson: ''Fifty Shades Of Grey Was A Rough Ride'

Sam Taylor-Johnson: ''Fifty Shades of Grey was a rough ride'

Sam Taylor-Johnson endured a ''rough ride'' creating 'Fifty Shades of Grey'. The 50-year-old filmmaker worked on the first instalment on...

Popular Sitcom Miranda In Talks For A Revival

Popular Sitcom Miranda In Talks For A Revival

Popular BBC sitcom, Miranda, looks like it’s in talks to return to our screens after a two and half year...

Rip Michael Bond: The Genius Behind Paddington Bear Leaves A Joyful Legacy

RIP Michael Bond: The Genius Behind Paddington Bear Leaves A Joyful Legacy

The creator of one of the world's favourite ursine characters has passed away at the age of 91 this week....

Michelle Rodriguez Suggests She May Quit 'Fast And Furious' Movies Over Lack Of Female Roles

Michelle Rodriguez Suggests She May Quit 'Fast And Furious' Movies Over Lack Of Female Roles

Michelle Rodriguez has threatened to quit the Fast and Furious movie franchise unless the producers improve the quality of roles...

Michael Nyqvist Has Died With Three Posthumous Films On The Way

Michael Nyqvist Has Died With Three Posthumous Films On The Way

Cancer has taken yet another screen great this week. Michael Nyqvist is announced to have passed away from his battle...

Jessica Henwick Will Return For 'Game Of Thrones' Season 7

Jessica Henwick Will Return For 'Game Of Thrones' Season 7

'Game Of Thrones' fans have had quite the wait for the series' seventh season, with the debut episode pushed back...

David Harbour Teases

David Harbour Teases "Cover-Up" In 'Stranger Things' Season 2

There's no denying the incredible success 'Stranger Things' saw when the new Netflix original series hit the streaming platform towards...

Hugh Jackman To Play Senator Gary Hart In The Frontrunner

Hugh Jackman to play Senator Gary Hart in The Frontrunner

Hugh Jackman is to play American politician Gary Hart in 'The Frontrunner' film. The 48-year-old actor - who most recently...

Lena Dunham And Jenni Konner To Create Toni Erdmann Remake

Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner to create Toni Erdmann remake

Lena Dunham is reportedly in talks to write the script for the remake of 'Toni Erdmann' alongside her 'Girls' cohort...

Billy Crudup Is A 'Big Fan' Of Naomi Watts

Billy Crudup is a 'big fan' of Naomi Watts

Billy Crudup is a ''big fan'' of Naomi Watts.The 48-year-old actor has admitted he has a huge soft spot for...

Johnny Galecki Praises Fire Services After California Property Burns Down

Johnny Galecki Praises Fire Services After California Property Burns Down

Johnny Galecki was faced with some seriously bad news earlier this week when his beloved ranch in California caught fire...

Robert Downey Jr. Too Short For Thelma And Louise

Robert Downey Jr. too short for Thelma and Louise

Robert Downey Jr. missed out starring in 'Thelma and Louise' because he was deemed to be ''too short''.The Hollywood actor...

Michelle Rodriguez Threatens Fast And Furious Exit

Michelle Rodriguez threatens Fast and Furious exit

Michelle Rodriguez has threatened to leave 'The Fast and the Furious' franchise.The 38-year-old actress has appeared as Letty Ortiz in...

The Batman Could Be A Film Noir

The Batman could be a film noir

Matt Reeves has teased 'The Batman' will be like a film noir crime drama focusing on the superhero's detective skills.The...

Edgar Wright Envisioned Making Baby Driver 22 Years Ago

Edgar Wright envisioned making Baby Driver 22 years ago

Edgar Wright first had the idea for 'Baby Driver' 22 years ago.The 43-year-old movie-maker has revealed he was inspired to...

Piers Morgan Angers Harry Potter Fans After Claiming The Books Are Badly Written

Piers Morgan Angers Harry Potter Fans After Claiming The Books Are Badly Written

Controversial news anchor Piers Morgan has reignited his fierce feud with author J.K Rowling - but this time he has...

Warner Bros Working On Superman: Red Son Movie?

Warner Bros working on Superman: Red Son movie?

Warner Bros want to see a 'Superman: Red Son' movie made.The film studio are reportedly keen to make a film...

Jake Busey Teases Predator Role

Jake Busey teases Predator role

Jake Busey will play the son of his father's character in 'The Predator'.The 46-year-old actor has confirmed a link between...

Lily Collins Craves Role In Downton Abbey Movie

Lily Collins craves role in Downton Abbey movie

Lily Collins is eager to land a role in the 'Downton Abbey' movie.The 28-year-old actress has revealed she's already spoken...

Ruth Negga: I Never Acted As A Child

Ruth Negga: I never acted as a child

Ruth Negga never acted as a child.The 35-year-old star, who has appeared in films such as 'Capital Letters', 'Isolation' and...

What Do The Critics Think Of 'War For The Planet Of The Apes'?

What Do The Critics Think Of 'War For The Planet Of The Apes'?

Andy Serkis returns to the role of Caesar in upcoming film 'War For The Planet Of The Apes'; the sequel...

Tom Holland Wants Unused Villains Throughout His 'Spider-man' Journey

Tom Holland Wants Unused Villains Throughout His 'Spider-Man' Journey

In just under two weeks, Spider-Man's first solo venture into the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be seen by MCU fans...

George R R Martin Teases 'Game Of Thrones' Spin-offs

George R R Martin Teases 'Game Of Thrones' Spin-Offs

Set to conclude with its eighth season and, with its seventh season right around the corner, fans of HBO fantasy...

Stephen Amell Wants Funnier 'Arrow' In Season 6

Stephen Amell Wants Funnier 'Arrow' In Season 6

Through five seasons now, actor Stephen Amell has taken the lead role as the DC superhero the Green Arrow, in...

James Wan Not Directing The Conjuring 3

James Wan not directing The Conjuring 3

James Wan might not be directing 'The Conjuring 3'.The director and producer helmed the first two movies in franchise but...

Jon Watts To Helm Spider-man: Homecoming 2

Jon Watts to helm Spider-Man: Homecoming 2

Jon Watts is likely to return to direct 'Spider-Man: Homecoming 2'.The 35-year-old filmmaker impressed studio bosses with the ''wonderful'' job...

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