FKA Twigs believes people in abusive relationships sometimes stay it becomes ''addictive''.

The 28-year-old musician - who is engaged to Robert Pattison - once suffered at the hands of an ''emotionally abusive'' partner and explored the nature of the relationship in the video for her song 'Papi Pacify' which depicted a man pushing his fingers down her throat.

Twigs feels conflicted about the nature of the relationship because although she knew it was damaging for her to be with that man there was part of her that enjoyed it as parts of the romance were ''tender''.

She said: ''In the relationship I couldn't communicate. The person I was with was stopping me from explaining how I felt. So the physical manifestation is someone putting their hand in your mouth. But there's an element, too, of liking that as well. It's messed up. It's addictive.

''It's kind of sexy, like emotional abuse can be tender. That's why it's messed up. If you are in an emotionally abusive relationship, it can be tender, that's why you stay. And you stay because there's a poorly part of your mind that likes it. Yeah. I think, also, that is part of growing up, part of becoming a woman.''

Twigs has also opened up her on astrological beliefs and that the stars affect her life and credits her career to the ''Saturn Return'' which is when the planet returns to the same place in the galaxy that it occupied at a person's birth.

The British singer is certain the astrological phenomena is the reason stars like Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix died aged 27.

Speaking to ES Magazine, she said: ''That's not a coincidence that all these amazing artists die when they are 27. The stars are an alphabet to a whole language we haven't even discovered yet (that's) scientific.

''On your Saturn Return. It happens when you're around 27 to 31. Have you noticed a lot of people do well in their careers when they get to 27, or that something happens?''

However, she's not certain how ''old'' she is because she could be a lot more advanced in ''creative'' terms.

She said: ''In human years, I am like 28. But how old are we really? We don't even know. In time that humans have set, which isn't real, I'm 28. But like how old am I? You don't know how old you are. Your son could be older than you. What are we talking about? Human years? Soul years? Creative years? Years of what? That's how I see things. I don't know how old I am. I can't say.''

On Wednesday night (26.10.16), Twigs attended the launch of 'Rooms' curated by FKA Twigs, the second instalment of The Veuve Clicquot Widow Series, where she was joined by models Winnie Harlow and Suki Waterhouse and pop star Charli XCX.

The event featured performance art, theatre, costume and dance as part of the ROOMS concept, written, directed and curated by Twigs.

Guests were immersed in her performance story of Diamas, pursued by her keeper, Capricorn. Told by a cast of 30 and set in a 12 room installation, Twigs' story followed the journey of Diamas in search of her spiritual and zodiac home. The installation has been created by a group of 12 set designers, each creating zodiac worlds immersing the audience in every emotional trait, dance, song and horror of the human emotion.