FKA Twigs has always been ''a big risk taker''.

The 31-year-old singer has said she grew up learning the importance of taking risks, because she was ''forced'' to put herself in stressful positions because she was ''the only person of colour'' in the town where she grew up.

She said: ''I think I'm a big risk taker. I think in my early life, I was kind of forced into that position. I was brought up in the country in England and my mom was a single parent for a significant part of my life and I was like the only person of colour in the town really where I lived. So that already puts you in a position where you are, at risk, and then to want to do things to want to be able to like excel out of that environment where the odds seem quite against you.''

The 'Cellophane' hitmaker worked ''so hard'' at school to get a scholarship for university, and believes her education was a ''risk'' because there was no-one else like her at her school.

She added: ''I knew that if I wanted to go and get a good solid education, my mom said to me that if you want to go to a good school, you have to get a scholarship. That's the only way. So I remember just studying so hard. Even when I was 12, I remember doing exam papers, the weekends just over and over and over again. Do an exam papers, exam papers, so over the summer so that I could get into a good school. My mom wanted me to have a good education. So I think even from then that's a risk. And then turning up at that school as the scholarship kid with, working class mom, single parent, only black girl in the school.''

But Twigs believes her risky childhood has helped prepare her to take bigger risks with her career, which has brought her ''success''.

Speaking to Zane Lowe for Apple Music's Beats 1 Radio, she said: ''So I think just my life has put me in that position where I've had to. Preparation plus opportunity equals success.''