The Water Me singer put out a call in July (16) to aspiring dancers aged 18 and upwards to attend a free workshop hosted by her choreographers and dancers in their city, at local venue Lithuanian Hall, from which some would be selected to appear in her Pier 6 Pavilion show.

The sessions, which attracted 400 people and ran for five hours, were filmed and the British singer - real name Tahliah Barnett - has unveiled the results in a new nine-minute documentary titled Baltimore Dance Project.

"Over the past couple of years, Baltimore has always seemed to be in the news for really sad and tragic things," twigs explains in an interview filmed for the documentary. "When I was thinking about doing a dance project, the obvious places would be LA or New York but I thought why not go to a place that obviously has so much soul?"

Twigs came up with the idea as a way of connecting creatively and bringing a sense of unity to the people of Baltimore.

The footage was captured in artful black and white in a video that showcases the creativity and energy of the city and its people. The film is hosted on website

“I just wanted to see what the truth was, and the truth was very different from what the media had made it out to be,” twigs says.

Baltimore has been the scene of various violent protests, including one following the tragic death of 25-year-old African-American Freddie Gray in April, 2015, a week after sustaining traumatic injuries when he was transported to jail in a police van.