FKA Twigs thinks it's ''easy to make yourself an enemy of your own progress''.

The 28-year-old singer - who staged a series of dance workshops in Baltimore in July - considers herself to be part of a demographic who believe in beauty as well as the power of creativity.

In link posted on her Twitter account, she shared: ''I am not the leader of that tribe, I am just lucky enough at the moment to have the facility to be able to call people together.

''I always say it's easy to make yourself an enemy of your own progress, when your thoughts get into your head.

''I found myself in a position where I can remind people to stand really tall and say you're incredible.''

Twigs - who is engaged to actor Robert Pattinson - revealed why she was particularly keen to stage her dance workshops in the US city of Baltimore, which has recently seen major protests and a dramatic rise in murders.

She shared: ''Over the past couple of years, Baltimore has always seemed to be in the news for really sad and tragic things.

''When I was thinking about doing a dance project, the obvious places would be LA or New York but I thought why not go to a place that obviously has so much soul and so much amazing energy? You'll be able to connect with them rather than being another artist that is passing through.''

However, Twigs rubbished the suggestion she was giving back to the community by taking her dance workshops to the city.

She explained: ''That idea is so patronising. Baltimore is way bigger than I am and will ever be.

''The legend of Baltimore, every single thing it's been through, every single person who was born there, that left, that came back, that went into the world, that spread their Baltimore energies wherever they went, that is way bigger.''