The Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne wants to turn Miley Cyrus' pee into a vinyl record.

The 57-year-old rocker helped produce the 'Wrecking Ball' hitmaker's project 'Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz', and he's now revealed that he'd like the next LP to be made of a mixture of the star's urine and glitter after his band used beer and human blood for their records.

Speaking to NME magazine, he said: ''You can't really up the ante too much from human blood, but maybe when the beer is your own beer - the beer was made especially for the Flaming Lips and has our influence in its taste and colour. ''That's not as insane as having a little bit of Erykah Badu, and Chris Martin's blood in your records.

''Probably not as insane as that, but still pretty great.

''The next record we were talking about releasing was the Miley Cyrus and the Dead Petz record.

''We'd get a good amount of Miley's pee and mix it with some glitter and put that in. I think that would up the ante. Don't you?''

The 'Bad Days' hitmaker previously admitted Miley is ''just as crazy'' as him.

Although they share very similar personality traits, Wayne says they never clash and even if they did he'd always let Miley win because she is ''so smart''.

He said previously: ''She's just so smart, she really is.

''I mean she is crazy as well.

''She really does love to sing and she loves to hear herself sing and she talks and talks

''It's amazing if you get her on a role.''

Asked if their egos ever clash, he said: ''No, but if we ever did, I would allow her to win because I'd be thinking, 'This is going to be cool.'''

Wayne admitted without sharing a love for the same music and being hard working they'd probably struggle to work together.

He said: ''She'll pick any song just because she likes it so on that level, we have similar taste. Without that, we'd always be struggling.

''We also have a similar work ethic. I'm always the first to say, 'Let's go do this', and she's the same. Together we get things done.''