Rapper Flo Rida is demanding a Dna test to determine if he is the father of a glamour model's unborn baby after she filed suit against him for child support.

The Low hitmaker was slapped with legal papers from Natasha Georgette Williams in November (13) after falling pregnant following multiple intimate encounters with the star while he was on his travels across the U.S.

Flo Rida has not denied having sex with Williams, but has requested a paternity test because he is not convinced he was her only sexual partner, according to Tmz.com.

He has agreed to pay temporary child support depending on the results of the Dna examination.

It's not the first time Flo Rida has faced paternity problems - he managed to overturn a financial support claim last summer (13) after a Dna test revealed he was not the father of Gloria Holloway's two-year-old son.