Florence Welch has confirmed she will release her first collection of lyrics and poetry in 2018.

The Florence + The Machine singer will release her first book 'Useless Magic' next summer with her own original artwork accompanying her words.

She revealed the exciting news on social media on Thursday (30.11.17), sharing an image of the project's front cover, which features a burning heart.

Florence wrote: ''Extremely honoured to announce that I will be releasing my first book of collected lyrics and poetry with Penguin Books next year x x (sic)''

The collection will hit shelves on July 5 next year, with Penguin imprint Fig Tree publishing the book.

The 31-year-old musician also shared a snapshot of the preface from the project, giving fans a hint at what to expect.

In the passage shared on Twitter, Florence reflects on the power of music, and admits her understanding of her own lyrics isn't always realised until much later on.

She writes: ''Songs can be incredibly prophetic, like subconscious warnings or messages to myself, but I often don't know what I'm trying to say till years later. Or a prediction comes true and I couldn't do anything to stop it, so it seems like a kind of useless magic.''

It comes after Florence revealed earlier this year she has always found it easier to pour out her feelings in songs rather than express them by talking to people.

She said: ''I find it easier to explain myself in music than in person. Songs are like protective talismans. In daily life, I'm much more unsure and shy.

''It's like hiding in plain sight... If I tell you that I'm struggling or in pain but dress it up and make the loudest noise ever, I can get it out. I can tell the truth but still hide behind the noise I'm making.

''On stage, something takes over. When I sing there is a huge sense of release. I am very in love with the world and quite afraid of it as well; my feelings come on really strong. In real life I have to find a way to shut that down. Stage is a place where it all makes sense and people aren't going to think I'm crazy.''