Florence Welch has paid tribute to Patti Smith in a brand new song.

The Florence + The Machine front woman has opened up about the group's latest album 'High As Hope', and revealed the track 'Patricia' was inspired by the iconic singer songwriter.

Speaking to Jo Whiley on BBC Radio 2, the 31-year-old star said: ''I've always loved her and it was actually through her writing that I feel I really got to know her.

''She writes about life in such a beautiful way that it seems to endow even the smallest things with a sense of spirituality or reverence.

''Whether it's going to the coffee shop or what you eat for breakfast in the morning... She kind of elevates everything and it was like a little north star to follow as like how to have a creative life as a whole.''

However, Florence did point out that the track is not entirely written about punk poet Patti, 71, but didn't reveal the other influences.

She laughed: ''There is a bit in the middle of the song that definitely isn't about her.''

Meanwhile, the singer - whose band released its fourth studio album on June 29 - recently revealed that her mother wasn't keen on her pursuing music as a career.

The group's debut album 'Lungs' topped the UK charts eight years ago, but it took a while for Evelyn Kathleen Welch to come to terms with her daughter's path.

As Professor of Renaissance Studies and Vice-Principal for Arts and Sciences at King's College London, Florence's mum was disappointed she didn't go to university.

Speaking to The Observer magazine, Florence said: ''My mum was so worried about me doing music - she thought it was dangerous, could hurt me, could be fleeting.

''She's accepted it's not a phase now. But she's been through a lot, so always prepares for the worst.''