Florence Welch has reportedly split from former Maccabees star Felix White.

The 31-year-old singer and her childhood friend are believed to have parted ways after three years together, and though they remain on ''good terms'', the Florence + The Machine frontwoman has reportedly been using her band's forthcoming LP 'High as Hope', which is released on June 29, to channel her heartbreak.

'High as Hope' features the song 'The End Of Love', which is said to be about the 'Pelican' hitmaker.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''Florence and Felix are childhood friends and have always shared a very deep connection, but things haven't worked out.

''While they remain on good terms, the split has been tough on Florence and she hasn't held back on her new album - writing and singing is how she's dealt with it.''

The 'Dog Days Are Over' hitmaker has previously experienced heartbreak twice during her time in the spotlight.

The first was from her break-up from Stuart Hammond in 2011, as well as her brief romance with charity boss James Nesbitt in 2012.

In 2016, Florence explored her ''car crash relationship'' with James in the musical film 'The Odyssey'.

The singer's personal ''heartbreak'' was documented in the 40-minute short, which she made with filmmaker Vincent Haycock.

Florence said at the time that making the film allowed her to ''understand and exorcise'' the emotions she felt following the end of their one-year relationship.

The 'You've Got The Love Singer' encompassed a different ''battle'' she'd been through in each song on the record and for each chapter of the movie.

Director Vincent revealed: '''The Odyssey', like the epic poem by Homer, is a journey. It's Florence's personal journey to find herself again after the emotional storm of a heartbreak.

''Like the layers of Dante's purgatory, each song or chapter represents a battle that Florence traversed and physical landscape that embodied each song or story. It's a metaphorical journey about escaping your demons, confronting yourself and returning to the original Florence, the dancer, the performer, the lover.''