Foster The People's mural to promote the group's Supermodel album has been saved from removal by Los Angeles city officials.

The Pumped Up Kicks hitmakers promoted the March (14) release of the project by commissioning a massive version of their album artwork, designed by local music and art group Young & Sick, to be painted over the facade of a building in the city in December (13).

However, their permission for the public artwork was rejected by city officials and it was slated to be whitewashed on Monday morning (14Jul14).

In an effort to save the large mural from being painted over, the band launched a petition on website, asking fans to address city leaders.

By Sunday night (13Jul14), the petition reached around 12,000 signatures, and L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti took notice and called the building owner to inform her they are postponing the mural's removal.

The band took to on Sunday to share the good news with fans and wrote, "We just received a call from the mayor's office. @EricGarcetti saw your petition and decided against repainting the wall. The Mural Stays!"

They also showed their gratitude on their page, adding, "Thank You Eric Garcetti for listening and intervening on such short notice. Most of all, thank you to all of you who signed the petition and helped spread the word! You surprised everyone and saved this mural."

Although it is not clear whether the pardon is permanent, some members of Foster the People were at the mural site on Monday to thank fans for saving the artwork in person.