The British singer-songwriter has captured his struggles with drinking, drugs and “self-destruction” over the past 12 months through the new venture, which screens in U.K. cinemas for one night only on 13 December (16). Directed by Ben Morse, Get Better followed Frank and his band The Sleeping Souls as they toured and it proved to be an eye-opening watch for the musician.

“That’s a profound question!” he quipped to NME when asked what he’s learned about himself from watching the film back. “I don’t know I’ve come up with a new slogan: ‘May you live long and never have to watch a documentary about yourself.’ It’s a very weird process; watching my mum talk about me in the third person is a really gruelling process to go through. Something I learned about myself is I swear too much when I talk.”

There were moments which Frank found “uncomfortable” to watch, such as how he reacted to feeling frustrated during his struggles. He puts his problems partly down to no longer living a “normal life”, as everywhere he goes for work there’s people screaming at him.

The fact he released his sixth successful album, Positive Songs for Negative People, in 2015 took some time to get his head around too.

“That’s not a thing that usually happens with bands these days, particularly to be a mid-level artist at that time,” The Way I Tend To Be singer noted. “Bands are usually Mumford and Sons by that point or cease to exist. And then I had this commercial problem that clashed with personal things in my life, so I guess it’s just about dealing with crisis and growing up in the middle of it.”