Frankie Bridge ''always knew'' she wanted to be a young mother.

The Saturdays star - who has Parker, four, and Carter, two, with her husband Wayne Bridge - feels ''lucky'' that she was able to have kids at a younger age and says she met her husband just at the right time.

She said: ''I always knew I wanted to be a young mum. I think I was lucky to achieve quite a few of my goals when I was quite young. Being a mum and having a family was one of them. I met Wayne at the right time. I'm lucky and the boys are awesome.''

However, Frankie has ruled out having any more children - at least for the time being.

Asked if she wants any more kids, she added: ''Not at the minute, we've got our hands full!''

The 29-year-old singer isn't that worried about having a little girl to complete the family either as she has lots of nieces.

She said: ''It's not something that really bothers me. I actually always thought I would have boys. I'm not surprised I have two boys now. I have a niece so all of my needs are fulfilled.''

Whilst Frankie loves being a mother, she admits it can be a bit of a ''juggling act'' but credits her spouse Wayne for being ''really hands-on''.

She told the Mail Online: ''I'm the least organised person ever. But Wayne's really hands-on and our family are really hands-on as well and are always there to help us. It's just a juggling act on a daily basis really.''