Frankie Bridge gets massages inside her mouth.

The former Saturdays singer - who has sons Parker, four, and Carter, two, with husband Wayne Bridge - admits the treatment is unusual but she thinks it's good for her bone structure.

She said: ''I have a friend who massages the inside of my mouth - it's actually amazing. It's a strange sensation but it's good for your cheekbones.''

The 28-year-old beauty is usually quite speedy with her make-up routine, but likes to take her time if she's got a big night out ahead.

She told Star magazine: ''If I'm getting ready for a night out,, I give myself an hour. I don't like rushing - its fun to enjoy the process.

''But on a normal day, I probably take about five minutes.

''Most days I usually wear just a bit of bronzer and lip balm.

''It perks me up a bit. I love make-up. It can help you feel great and I love getting glammed up for a night out...

''I don't have to get dolled up to girl band standards any more but I still make an effort.''

The 'All Fired Up' hitmaker recently admitted she found it hard to admit she was suffering from depression.

She said: ''As a child, I was prone to overthinking, but I thought it was just my personality. It wasn't until an intense period of touring with The Saturdays in 2011 that I broke down to my doctor.

''When he used the words 'depression' and 'anxiety', I didn't want to hear them - he might as well have called me crazy. I started therapy but, a year in, when I hadn't noticed much of a difference, my therapist suggested I start taking antidepressants.

''I was putting everything into trying to convince everyone I was fine. Before entering a room, I'd take a deep breath and say to myself: 'How would Frankie from The Saturdays behave?' I'd be louder, bubblier, happier.'''