Frankie Bridge claims she and her husband Wayne are ''so boring''.

The former Saturdays singer - who has sons Parker, five, and Carter, three, with the retired soccer star - has laughed off the idea of her own family reality show because she doesn't think it would be particularly entertaining for fans.

Discussing Spencer Matthews and Vogue Williams' new show, 'Spencer, Vogue and Baby Too', she said: ''I think for people like them you watch them and they're so interesting, where mine and Wayne's lives are so boring, I don't think people would want to tune in to watch us sitting and watching Netflix.''

While Frankie - who turned 30 last week - confessed to feeling ''really broody'', she doesn't think her 38-year-old spouse is so keen to have another child any time soon.

She told MailOnline: ''I think about it all the time I am really broody, but definitely not right now and I think Wayne would take a lot of convincing, I've got a lot on this year, not quite now but I'm thinking I'm still only 30 so never say never!''

The brunette beauty has spoken openly about her struggles with depression but first got candid on the subject in an interview with Glamour magazine in 2012, after taking a break from work to receive hospital treatment.

But Frankie admitted she had a backlash from some who ''didn't think she could be depressed'' because of her fame, though she thinks attitudes are changing now.

She said ''I don't really get people that have an adverse opinion to it, I remember back in the day when I did my first Glamour interview, people were saying stuff like what does she have to be depressed about?

''And I think that was just no one had as much knowledge back then whereas now everyone is more clued up on it.''