Frankie Bridge struggles with her body image despite being ''proud'' of giving birth.

The 30-year-old star - who has sons Parker, five, and Carter, three, with her husband Wayne Bridge - has opened up about her mental health after she was snapped by paparazzi while wearing a bikini on holiday with her family.

Taking to Instagram, she wrote in a lengthy post: ''Whilst I am proud of who I am and that my body was able to bring Carter and Parker into this world... it's still something I don't feel confident about.

''I still stress about my body and how my body looks, it's easy to compare others and it is a massive contributing factor to my mental health.

''When I was pregnant for the first time that was when I realised I had suffered from an eating disorder in the past, having no control over what my body did during pregnancy was hard for me

''The list is endless; weight loss, weight gain, saggy skin, stretch marks. Mums I know you get me! I still HATE the thought of going on holiday - what to wear, how to wear a bikini.''

The Saturdays singer claimed she will ''never be able'' to see herself in the same way other people do, but she wants to accept herself for who she is rather than longing for how she has looked before.

She explained: ''Like a lot of women, I'd love to lose some weight, tone up here or there, eat less carbs, not have that glass of alcohol but I am me, the proud mummy to Parker and Carter. ''I know for a fact that no matter how toned, how thin I am that I will never be able to see myself the way that others do. I look back at pictures... and long for 'that' body, knowing that 'then', I wasn't happy either.

''So, here's to accepting ourselves for who we are and finding a way to be happy with it.''