Frankie Bridge thinks her husband is ''really good'' at buying her Christmas presents.

The 28-year-old singer - who has sons Parker, three, and two-year-old Carter with spouse Wayne Bridge - doesn't know what she'll be unwrapping from the sportsman on December 25, but expects its something she'll love, as he knows her tastes well.

She said: ''Wayne's really good [at buying gifts]. He got me an awful pair of shoes when we first started going out - it took me weeks to tell him I didn't like them.

''But since then, he's been so good.''

However, when it comes to doing her own Christmas shopping, Frankie leaves it until the last minute.

Asked if she's a last-minute shopper, she said: ''100 per cent. If I can't get it on Amazon, I'm lost.''

The former Saturdays singer previously admitted she thinks more about gifts for her sons than what she'd like for herself.

She said: ''Now that we have the boys I never really think about what I want as much, it is all about them. Lately we've been going more for things like a nice break away together. Makes us sound old - but I just love being away with the three of them.''

And Frankie can't wait until the festive season really kicks in so all her extended family can ''come together for a big feast''.

She added: ''We are spending Christmas with all the family. Both mine and Wayne's come together for a big feast. I love the whole festive season to be as busy as possible with loads of yummy food and lots of Christmas songs! I start playing them as soon as Halloween is over!